Carlos Cortes | Quantum Chromodynamics – MIRA Digital Arts Festival 2017

Quantum Chromodynamics – MIRA Digital Arts Festival 2017

  • 11 May

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“Quantum Chromodynamics” is an interactive and immersive installation developed by Glassworks Barcelona for MIRA Digital Arts Festival. 12 drones, 12 controllers, 18 OptiTrack cameras, 1 Lidar, 1 reactive audio system, 12 neon lights, 12 Arduinos, 700 cable meters, 576 electronical components, 8.432 code lines, 136 programming hours and 296 assembling hours to create a digital art piece that was a truly technical and creative challenge.

The drones, controlled by a motion capture system, generated a gigantic geometry suspended in the air by using their own movements, connections and illumination. Their choreography would also evolve based on their relation with the spectators. A Lidar sensor detected the visitors position within the installation, which let us control their mutual interactions, creating a game of dynamic synergies, auditive reactions and lightning flows.


My Role in this project was: Creative Direction and Art Direction



Original idea / Created by: Carlos Cortés & Xavi Tribó

Art direction: Carlos Cortés

Core engine developer: Bruno Barrán, Xavi Tribó

Light engine developer: Modesto Rodríguez

Technology: Washington Neira & Oriol Viñolas

Sound Design: Ralp

Drone engineering support: Daniel Santos

Drone physics support: Aldo Vargas

3D printing support: Raul Nieves

Editor: Dani Barrio

Producer: Clàudia Barbal