Carlos Cortes | ABOUT

Graduated in Digital & Graphic design at ESDI, Superior school of Design.

Worked as a Motion Director for TV shows, music videos, animated shorts, documentaries, interactive installations, video scenography and advertising.

With a wide range of abilities, techniques and styles his profesional signature can be defined by the projects themselves. Carlos likes to tell stories no matter technique or formats, blurring boundaries between design, computer graphics, live action and visual effects. Able to work either from the creative or technical side, he’s fearless of unconventional approaches and merges a range of production techniques to provide creative & aesthetic solutions.

Before shifting over to freelancing, seeking to expand boundaries, he’s worked as a motion director and partner at Fakestudio (Garage Films Group) crafting  commercial work for  brands as Sony Playstation, Nissan, Nextel, Volkswagen, IKEA, MCDonals, BBVA, Mango, Inditex, Primavera Sound, BP, among many others.

His work has been shown in many publications of animation, VFX and motion design (as Stash, IDN, Abduzeddo, ItsNiceThat, Promax/
Brief Magazine, etc.) He’s won several awards for “Nextel Ferrari” & “Making New Worlds”.

Carlos Cortés is currently available for freelancing and collaboration.